The CrossFit Open, a yearly competition that tests athletes' strength, endurance, and agility is well under way and Resilience Spine & Sports Rehab wants you to meet your competition goals!

 As with any high-intensity exercise program, CrossFit, especially during the open and subsequent competitions leading up to the CrossFit Games may put strain on the body which can require additional recovery time and if excessive, potentially lead to injury. Chiropractic physician and strength & conditioning specialist, Dr. Alex Sarazen with Resilience Spine & Sports Rehab can help CrossFit athletes recover faster and aide in performance optimization/injury awareness.  


All year long, CrossFit athletes train for competition, especially the open, qualifiers, and for the elite, the games. Athletes, especially those who train at boxes such as CrossFit Madison are well coached on complex Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and functional training methods, but when athletes are competing at their highest level of performance, recovery is one of the primary keys for success. For successive weeks, athletes are putting their bodies under a grueling workout designed to identify the “strongest on Earth.” Dr. Sarazen can help aide in that recovery not only through chiropractic manipulation, but also myofascial release (using methods such as pin and stretch or IASTM aka muscle scraping), Normatec compression boots, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and physical rehabilitation.


Developing power, strength, endurance, and CrossFit oriented skills may be acquired via dedicated training, but stability and mobility are things in which physical rehabilitation and chiropractic services optimize.


Resilience Spine & Sports Rehab is happy to provide 2023 CrossFit Open, Qualifier, and Games athletes with complimentary 30-minute Normatec Compression Boot Session, Kinesiotaping, or Functional Movement Screen (FMS).

We also have appointments available for chiropractic services that athletes may seek throughout this competitive season & beyond! To further inquire or schedule an appointment, visit our appointments tab here on our website, call (256) 258-8255, or email


Dr. Alex Sarazen, DC, CSCS

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Alex Sarazen, DC, CSCS

Alex Sarazen, DC, CSCS

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